Juried Show at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery

I attended the student art juried show at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery
on Friday. I went on the awards night and there were a lot of people
there. The juried show was run differently than it has in previous
years. There was less work and I noticed that a lot of larger works
were chosen. Everything was larger paintings, drawings and even
sculptures. It was nice to be able to appreciate larger works. There
was also a performance by Stephanie it was a unique experience and I
was glad that it could be included in the show. She performed well and
did not let her nerves get to her. It would have been better if she
was up on a platform so that it would be easier to see her. But this
was something new for the gallery as well so I’m sure there was a lot
to figure out. Also a lot people did not know it was happening it
wasn’t announced loud enough and it probably could have been
advertised better. However I still think there was a good turn out and
lots of people came and supported her and enjoyed it as well. There
was a wide variety of work this year each piece chosen was very
unique. I think it was a good overall representation of the student’s
body artwork.

There were a lot of awards presented all though not as many as
previous years. The funniest award was art history award and the
trophy that Kristy had made. I won an award from the Painted Turtle
for my painting Forest Fire. It was nice to feel that my hard work had
paid off this year.

The major studio looked amazing this year. The fourth years really
worked hard to produce a good show.  It was nice knowing some of the
pieces the fourth years have done from seeing them in drawing class. I
was able to appreciate the major studio show more because I knew
exactly how long they worked on pieces and their struggle along the
way. Mackenzie, Vanessa and Brittany’s work really stood out to me
because they had a lot of space and their work claimed the space and
took up most of the wall. Overall the juried show was a great night
there was wonderful artwork, food and people to spend time with.