See my Exhibition at the O Gallery!

From January 15-March 8, 2020 I have an exhibition at the O Gallery @44 Gaukel in Kitchener, ON Canada.

This exhibition consists of my framed hand dyed and hand embroidered dish cloths that resemble aerial views of farmlands. These works are professionally framed in glass. They are wire mounted and framed in white.

I love the white frames in these works because the dish cloths are so colourful and often have areas of intense vibrancy.

Another element to this exhibition is my handmade abaca paper with embedded sewn thread drawings to mimic the act of farming the day in day out labour of the back and fourth motion. This repetition of farming coincides with the repeated lines. These paper drawings are displayed with clipboards as a field study. The clipboard presentation to me implies a sense of research or note-taking.

Exhibition at the O Gallery by artist Jackie Partridge

Exhibition at the O Gallery in Kitchener by Jackie Partridge

Framed hand dyed dishcloth with hand embroidery by Jackie Partridge

2 thoughts on “See my Exhibition at the O Gallery!

  1. Hi Jackie, Thanks so much for keeping me informed about your work. I especially am interested in your handmade abaca paper embroidered works on the clipboards. They maybe could be interesting for a show I am curating for IAPMA at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts near me here in Sonoma County, California. Are you a member of IAPMA (international association of papermaking artists) at

    If not, I still might be able to include your work as one of the invited artists. Anyway please send me more information about these works and how they are made and a few images. The exhibition I am doing is called “Pulp for the Environment” and will include work that focuses on environmental issues and uses handmade paper and paper pulp in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

    Thank you and let’s keep in touch Best wishes, Jane Jane Ingram Allen


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