Framing Artwork – Here are my Tips!

Here is a list of ideas for how you can frame your art and what you need to consider when doing so!

Things to Consider:

  • What is your budget?
  • What is the style of existing frames you own?
  • Where will the art hang/be displayed? (is it next to something very bright or colourful?, is the room dark or light?, Are there other things hanging on the wall? etc.
  • Does the art need a frame? Maybe there is another alternative?
  • What kind of frame will suit the art best?

Framing Artwork- Here are my Tips!

Choosing the Right Frame:

Now that you have thought about the above considerations it is time to really plan the details.

Your Budget: With your budget you might be able to get your art framed professionally -getting art professionally framed can be beneficial as there is an option to get glass that has a protective layer to it -preventing art from fading over time. So, getting this can be a great investment to really preserve the art that you care about – especially if the art will hang in a sunny location!

If your art is more protected away from the sun or you have a smaller budget that you are working with then there is an option to purchase a more affordable frame that is Plexiglas instead of glass. You could purchase a glass frame from a thrift store and fix it up by adding a fresh coat of paint.


The  Location Where the Art Will Hang/Be Displayed: Before deciding on a frame you need to think about where the frame will go? For example, if it is hanging on a darker wall like a navy wall then choosing a black frame is only going to blend in -whereas choosing a white, grey, or pale toned wood frame is going to stand out and be more of an accent.  Pinterest can be a good tool to research this for instance you can search: “Frame colour for navy walls” and see what kind of ideas pop up.


Frames You Own: You want to think about your style and the frames that you already own- this will guide you into deciding what frame is right. If you own a lot of wooden frames, black or white frames then check first if that style of frame will go with your artwork. 

You can check if an artwork goes with a frame by:

  1. Taking a photo of the artwork and photoshopping in a frame
  2. Taking the artwork into a framing store for a free consultation to see what a professional thinks
  3. Making a mock frame with coloured paper to see what colour or thickness of frame would visually work best



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Places I Have Been- art installation by Jackie Partridge


This is an installation that was part of my graduating exhibition for my MFA titled Trace and Retrace.

During my MFA, I worked as a teaching assistant for Ashley Miller and fell in love with the repetitive process of paper making.

I am always interested in developing and trying new ways to display my art. For this piece it was important to me that the viewer could view parts of the piece from different angles and truly see the details and texture of the handmade paper.

Places I Have Been, art installation by Jackie PartridgePlaces I Have Been, art installation by Jackie Partridge

Handmade paper from found maps, wooden dowels, installation-16’ x 7.5’, 2018

Places I Have Been is made from found maps of places I have been or lived. The map paper is folded as a traditional map is and rests on wooden dowels extending from the wall. The folded paper represents both an outdated map that is no longer functional and references to landscapes it embodies.

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What is and What Was – artwork by Jackie Partridge


This art installation was part of my graduating show in 2018 from Concordia University where I attended for my MFA.


I worked with the Wood Shop technician to design and build this table.

While living in Montreal after a year or so I decided to save money and keep my car back home in Ontario because I was tired of paying for parking and found that I was only using the car for groceries once a month.

So, when I was designing the table I wanted something that was going to be portable, easy to transport and wouldn’t take up a lot of storage space.

I designed this table so that the legs could be unscrewed and removed.

I wanted the table slanted to display the atlases and really invite viewers to sit down and spend time with atlases- turning each page and absorbing the work and time I spent hand cutting the repetitive house shape.

What is and What Was- art installation by Jackie Partridge

Four hand cut atlases, wooden table and wooden stools, stools 14”x 17.75”, table 46” x 42”, 2018

What Is and What Was includes four wooden stools circling a table inviting viewers to sit down and view four altered North American and Canadian atlases. As the pages turn houses are removed from the page showing the changing landscape both through the altering of cut-outs and the found object of the atlas continuing to outdate itself.



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Trapped- Art installation by Jackie Partridge

“Trapped” is an art installation from 2016 that I completed during my MFA. In this installation I hand dyed and hand embroidered dishcloths and sewed together as a large quilt. I want the quilt to be seen as an aerial view of farmlands.

Above the quilt drapes a large sewn thread installation -made from white thread. The sewn piece is stitched on a dissolvable surface -that dissolves in water. The sewn structure mimics that shape of my hometown as viewed from a map and inside the shape are rows and rows of a basic symbol of a house shape.

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Birds Adapted Catalogue Page

Below is a page from the exhibition catalogue at the Teresa Seaton Gallery in Burlington. The show was held back in Aug. 14-Oct. 26. Here is a photo of the installation in case you didn’t have a chance to view the show!

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 1.52.33 PM.png

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