Kids Art Classes-at Lucy Pearlle in Wellesley

Due to COVID-19 it is unknown if this course will run at this start time. However I will run it in the future and encourage you to follow my Facebook page linked below to stay up to date.

These classes are for ages 8-14 to promote creativity, problem solving, planning and the development of art techniques in painting, drawing and sculpting. May 5- May 26, 2020

Classes will begin at around 3:15pm (after school)


3:15-3:45pm-arrive, eat a packed snack, sketch and plan with assistance from instructor what they wish to make for the day

3:45-4:15pm- group will choose 2 techniques taught by the instructor and have time to practice techniques creating a small instructor led project

4:15-4:45- with assistance from the instructor -they will access a variety of materials laid out to problem solve, create and invent what they have planned

This is an interest-based program in which art instruction and learning techniques will be based off what the group wants to do.

Each week kids will learn new art techniques and have the opportunity to explore painting, drawing and sculpting! Possible techniques could include- colour mixing with paint, how to paint/draw a portrait, how to paint/draw a landscape, how to sew or embroider, how to create texture with materials, how to sculpt with wire etc.

Every class there will be 3 stations (painting, drawing and sculpture) with new materials to explore each time. Kids will receive guidance from the instructor and plan and create what they wish and improve and develop their skills.

COST: $100+ HST (all materials are included)

Click on the link to access the Facebook event and register!

Kids 4-Week Drawing Course (facial features) in Wellesley

I am running a four week Kids Drawing Class for kids in grade 3 and up at Lucy Pearlle's in Wellesley ON- starting May 1, 2020

I am running a four week Kids Drawing Class for kids in grade 3 and up at Lucy Pearlle’s in Wellesley ON- starting May 1, 2020

The Course will start on May 1 and go for four weeks with no class on Friday May 15 due to the Victoria Day weekend.

In these four weeks we will explore realistic drawing with pencil, fine tip marker and charcoal where students will learn and develop their skills to be able to draw realistic facial features and improve their portrait drawings.

Students will learn:
-shading and sketching techniques
-tips for drawing difficult features
-how to use materials like drawing pencils, charcoal and fine tip markers
-facial proportions to make drawings realistic .. and more

Students will learn techniques and complete small drawing projects to improve how they draw facial features.

Click the link to find more about the workshop and to get registration info:

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August – Dwight Library Kids Art Workshops

I am offering Kids Art workshops on Tuesdays from 10:30am- 12:30pm at the Dwight Public Library in Dwight Ontario.


Below is a flyer of the sample of workshops I am offering!

workshops are $15 each and include all the materials. Please register in advance by contacting the library!

Artistic Kidz with Jackie Partridge-2

Baysville Library Youth Art Workshops

Happening at Baysville Public Library I am instructing a series of art workshops for ages 7-12. These workshops run from 10am-12pm on Thursdays at the Library.

Workshops are $15 each and that includes all the materials!

Please register in advance by calling the library!

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 11.46.53 AM.png

Dwight Public Library Workshops for Kids

Below is a poster of workshops I am running for kids age 7-12. Workshops are Tuesday mornings from 10:30am-12:30pm. We are doing a bunch of projects from painting to hand embroidery! Each workshop is only 15$ and includes all of the materials !

Dwight Library info

March Break Embroidery Workshop

Only $10 for the two hour intro to embroidery workshop. This includes materials! This workshop is happening at Dwight Public Library -see the flyer for more details!

Embroidery animal