Tree Houses- art installation by Jackie Partridge


I have constructed paper houses placing them in nooks and crannies when I am out and about since 2016.

I am interested in representing the temporary and transitory feeling of home and find myself often questioning what makes a place a home?

In 2010, I moved to Thunder Bay after graduating high school in a small town outside of Waterloo, ON. Thunder Bay was a 19 hour drive for some perspective.

Although I spent five years there during my BFA and Teacher’s college it was a place that didn’t always feel like home. And when it did feel like home I felt like I had two homes.

When I moved to Montreal in 2015, it was the same way- it took some time but it did feel like home and we stayed in the same apartment which I think really helped.

After my MFA, we moved to Huntsville and even though we were only 3.5 hours from home and people visited more often it still took time and felt like I had two homes. (There) and back home where I grew up.

Tree Houses is an ongoing series of handmade paper houses photographed in natural environments.


To see more of this project you can head to my website and look at the work section!

I would love to hear your thoughts on what home is in the comments below!

A Nook For a Nest – art installation by Jackie Partridge


I started this series of art installations in 2018. This project is something I would love to revisit.

As part of my graduating MFA show Trace and Retrace I printed and framed two photographs from this series.

photographs, 23”x 28”, 2018

A Nook For A Nest is a series of photographs that includes twisted maps in environmental installations that depicts the transitory and temporary homes. 

To see more of my artwork head over to my website! And look at the work section

Patched Featured in RE Nature- Understorey Magazine

My work “Patched” has been featured in Understorey Magazine.

This is from the editor’s words, “RE Nature: Concerning nature.
Renature: To restore to original condition.” Katherine Barrett

Here is the link to view my work and other fabulous artists and writers:

My Photograph of “Patched” is shown along a written pieces titled “Field Notes on Desire Paths” by By Jenna Butler & Yvonne Blomer.

Please feel free to share!issue17_cover.png


Working on my Patched Publication

I have been working on my Patched Publication taking photos of patching trees in the Waterloo Region. I am aiming to have my publication completed by the end of December and hope to have the books distributed to local libraries and available for sales on my website in the new year. I will let everyone know my launch day soon! In the mean time enjoys some photos! For more be sure to check out my instagram @jackiepartridge_ or #patchedproject#patchingtrees

Women’s Studio Workshop Residency

Last month I attended the Women’s Studio Workshop Residency in Rosendale New York. I was working in the papermaking studio while I was there. I really enjoyed hiking in the area especially on the Rail Trail. While I was there I made a lot of paper working with maps and blue jeans. I got to try the vacuum table for the first time which was very exciting for my practice. I would highly recommend this residency to all the artists out there!


Patched is an ongoing photography series where I make interventions with nature using handmade paper. I make paper from old maps and insert the pulp into the missing areas of bark on trees and logs commenting on how change impacts the environment. These actions occur in parks where areas are curated in a way to represent a forest. I leave the interventions in the environment for them to weather and age over time. These moments of where the paper meet the bark offers a reward for the viewer who lives a busy life and may not often notice the little things.

The paper itself is an offering back to the tree as a previous tree created the paper. The act of adding pulp to the bark presents an idea of healing and mending the natural environment in a way that a bandage might heal or protect a wound.