Updated Website!

I have recently updated my website to include recent work from my past show Trace and  Retrace that took place earlier this month.

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Patched is an ongoing photography series where I make interventions with nature using handmade paper. I make paper from old maps and insert the pulp into the missing areas of bark on trees and logs commenting on how change impacts the environment. These actions occur in parks where areas are curated in a way to represent a forest. I leave the interventions in the environment for them to weather and age over time. These moments of where the paper meet the bark offers a reward for the viewer who lives a busy life and may not often notice the little things.

The paper itself is an offering back to the tree as a previous tree created the paper. The act of adding pulp to the bark presents an idea of healing and mending the natural environment in a way that a bandage might heal or protect a wound.


New Work

A photographic series of map paper embedded in spots during my hikes.



Nonesuch Art Of Paper Awards

Exhibition at Main & Station Nonesuch Kickshaws, Parrsboro, NS- opening September 23

Check it out for more info 

I will be showing my work Sediment, 2017 



Grazing Installation

Here is a recent installation titled Grazing. The installation features a stop motion animation of farm fields from in and around my hometown, three sculptures -wooden structures with dyed burlap and pulp and a pile of twisted maps.

more info: www.jackiepartridge.com 

Photographer: Eliane Excoffier


01 Partridge03 PartridgePartridge 02


Dark jeans 

Using the beater to grind up some lovely dark blue jeans to make paper! 👖👖👖👖


Making paper 

Here is some pulp halfway through the process of creating jean paper 


Thread drawings installed


Jean installation 


Thread drawings part five